“My Mom took me to see Mary Poppins when I was just a boy.  Since then, the performing arts have been an anchor for me. Like most of us, I have experienced first-hand the power of theater, film and television – how they connect us, transport us to places imagined or real, how they make us laugh or cry, scream or cringe, and how – with intention – they gently or not so gentlynudge us to be more human. The performing arts have been at the forefront of my personal and professional life, and that, I hope, will never change.”

Richard Tanenbaum, BCC, Ph.D.

Psychologist - Performer - Coach

Dr. Richard Tanenbaum is a clinical/business psychologist, leadership consultant, and a board certified management/executive coach.  Richard received his M.A. and Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia, and his B.A. in psychology, summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, from the University of PennsylvaniaHe is an adjunct clinical/research assistant professor in the Department of Medical/Clinical Psychology at the Uniformed Services University, F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine and serves as on callfaculty for the Center for Creative Leadership.

Richard provides psychological services for children, adults, couples and families.  In addition, with respect to his business consultancy, he works with individuals and teams in the United States and abroad across a wide spectrum of organizations and businessesincluding retail and technology companies, academic medical centers, hospital systems, international development organizations, all branches of the military, federal agencies and hospital systems and the entertainment industry.  

Richard also has an eclectic background as a television and theater performer, classical singer, and co-founder of a Spanish and Italian lyric opera company (www.teatroliricodc.com).  Recently, he co-starred in the off-Broadway production of TOO CLOSE, a twoman play about the perils of climate change and performed in NedaWants to Die a play about gender-based violence, in venues across the United States and overseas including the United Nations in New York and Nairobi, Kenya.

He has produced and hosted innovative and edutaining television programming for children and adults his program, Dr T & Company aired nationally (ATC Time Warner)with a viewing audience of over 5 million. Rich writes, produces and performs in entertaining industrials for businesses and organizations, and “guests” on television and radio talk shows as “Dr. T.”

Professional Services

Rich’s approach is firmly grounded in what is now known as Positive Psychology.  In his early days as an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania, he was fortunate to fall under the tutelage of Martin Seligman, one of the founders of the positive psychology movement.  This “positive” approach has guided Richard’s practice throughout his career.

The underlying idea with respect to this cognitive framework is to harness strategies to improve mood and outlook, to enhance creative problem solving abilities and to think more expansively. These techniques also result in better performance, greater overall satisfaction, increased optimism and “authentic happiness.” Positive psychology is also associated with improved health, and increased longevity.

Leveraging his training in business, psychology and the performing arts, Richard uses a wide variety of creative and engaging methods when working with individuals and teams and delivering training programs to promote self-awareness, positive coping strategies and overall well-being and satisfaction.


Production Consultation

For your writers and media campaign:

Provide technical expertise regarding mental disorders and symptoms, evidence-based treatments, expected treatment outcomes, treatment benefits and risks, and accurate medical terminology.

Expert and advocate for your actors:

Assist actors in the accurate portrayal of psychological conditions and/or mental disorders. Provide support, coaching and just in time (JIT) psychological interventions to manage and mitigate actors’ stress/distress related to embodying these roles.

Clinical Consultation

On-site or remote psychological services for cast, crew, or other personnel, with expertise in a wide array of mental health areas including in interpersonal problems, “burnout,” anxiety, stress management, and depression.  Other areas of specialization include post-traumatic stress and behavioral medicine interventions (i.e., how to best prevent/manage chronic health conditions).

On-site or remote interventions for individuals or groups to manage concerns and reactions with respect to functioning in a Covid-19 environment.

On-site or remote conflict management interventions to address job-related conflicts for individuals, groups or teams.


Business Consultation

On-site or remote services to assist production or other staff successfully address work-related challenges with respect to work-related and people managements issues.

Representative topics:
  • Resiliency
  • Positive Psychology
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Influencing Skills
  • Leadership Presence
  • Employee Engagement
  • Serve as facilitator for meetings, and design and deliver team building initiatives and team retreats about a broad range of topics.

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